Kick Monday’s ASS!!
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Mastering Happiness
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It turns out I was right – you can go from miserable to happy – you can also go from happy to happier. Proving this and helping others to do the same has now become my mission in life. You won’t learn this in school, won’t hear it on the news, your friends aren’t interested…

You Were Designed to be Happy
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Part of the problem we have staying happy, is we give the power to other people. The truth is this – YOU and ONLY YOU – are responsible for your life. Your life is exactly where it is today because of the decisions you’ve made so far – the sooner you come to grips with…

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About Tommy

Tommy is a happiness fanatic with 25+ years studying positive psychology and human behavior both academically and in real world organizations­ bringing a pervasive belief that attitude is the key to success. Specializing in organizational culture and individual lifestyle coaching, his other areas of expertise include sales growth, leadership and team­ building growth process­ both individually and corporately.
As a previous Executive Outreach Pastor of a megachurch, Tommy brings a service mindset with expertise in motivating entire groups into action for selfless causes. He developed an entire outreach system that continues to deploy, on average, 3,000 volunteers per month through over 200 volunteer led ministries, essentially mini small businesses, which birthed 19 nonprofit organizations in his tenure. Tommy has experience managing large teams and businesses and serves on the board of local non­profits.