Don’t watch this if your prone to getting triggered – just go to your safe space 🌹
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Happiness Pro-Tip It has taken me a life time – But I have discovered the biggest obstacle to happiness of our species- Self-Righteousness Anytime I think my people are better than someone else because of what group I am a part of, that is pure cancer to our world It destroys happiness Here’s how I…

Some of us DESPERATELY need to hear these 4 words
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Happiness Pro-tip   Some of you really need to hear this- This is how you make social media more positive for yourself and everybody else These 4 words will change your life   As your scrolling through social media you see stuff you like…you may comment something encouraging   And then you come across something…

Nothing will increase your happiness more than trying to follow these two simple words 🌹
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Happiness Pro-tip   Two words for you Do you want to increase your happiness? BE KIND   It is not my default setting…It does not come natural to me I just learned the hard way-when you’re a jerk it doesn’t feel good The opposite must be true If you go out of your way to…

Suicide … 3 words that saved me
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Not much of a Happiness Pro-Tip today- But I have 3 words of encouragement that I would like to share   They come from a conversation that I had the other day that haunted me a little bit- A guy was telling me that he was, “at the end of his rope.” I asked him,…


Tommy is a happiness fanatic with 25+ years studying positive psychology and human behavior both academically and in real world organizations­ bringing a pervasive belief that attitude is the key to success. Specializing in organizational culture and individual lifestyle coaching, his other areas of expertise include sales growth, leadership and team­ building growth process­ both individually and corporately.
As a previous Executive Outreach Pastor of a megachurch, Tommy brings a service mindset with expertise in motivating entire groups into action for selfless causes. He developed an entire outreach system that continues to deploy, on average, 3,000 volunteers per month through over 200 volunteer led ministries, essentially mini small businesses, which birthed 19 nonprofit organizations in his tenure. Tommy has experience managing large teams and businesses and serves on the board of local non­profits.

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