The Voice in Your Head Isn’t You
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You’re not crazy, we all have voices in our heads. There’s a voice that’s constantly talking, but that voice is not you. You are the observer listening to the voice in your head. Realize that voice isn’t always steering you in the right way and learn how to constructively calm that voice down.

Gratitude – The Great Multiplier of Life
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If you want to be happy, you will need to master the art and science of gratitude. But more than being grateful for specific things, it’s just the nature of being grateful that will multiply those experiences throughout your life.

Your Hate – That’s the Problem
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We’ve all crossed a crazy line in America; we’ve become people who hate and our hate has divided us. Let’s build our lives on respect and stop expecting everyone around us to hate what we hate.

Original sin?? No thanks
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The “rotten to the core” dogma… if there’s any one doctrine I’m seeking to overthrow- it’s this one. Despite widespread acceptance of this- both religious and secular – i’m here to tell you you’ve been sold a bunch of bullshit 😍 #pervasivehappiness


Tommy is a happiness fanatic with 25+ years studying positive psychology and human behavior both academically and in real world organizations­ bringing a pervasive belief that attitude is the key to success. Specializing in organizational culture and individual lifestyle coaching, his other areas of expertise include sales growth, leadership and team­ building growth process­ both individually and corporately.
As a previous Executive Outreach Pastor of a megachurch, Tommy brings a service mindset with expertise in motivating entire groups into action for selfless causes. He developed an entire outreach system that continues to deploy, on average, 3,000 volunteers per month through over 200 volunteer led ministries, essentially mini small businesses, which birthed 19 nonprofit organizations in his tenure. Tommy has experience managing large teams and businesses and serves on the board of local non­profits.

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