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The Voice in Your Head Isn’t You

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You’re not crazy, we all have voices in our heads. There’s a voice that’s constantly talking, but that voice is not you.

You are the observer listening to the voice in your head. Realize that voice isn’t always steering you in the right way and learn how to constructively calm that voice down.

Gratitude – The Great Multiplier of Life

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If you want to be happy, you will need to master the art and science of gratitude. But more than being grateful for specific things, it’s just the nature of being grateful that will multiply those experiences throughout your life.

Your Hate – That’s the Problem

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We’ve all crossed a crazy line in America; we’ve become people who hate and our hate has divided us.

Let’s build our lives on respect and stop expecting everyone around us to hate what we hate.

Original sin?? No thanks

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The “rotten to the core” dogma… if there’s any one doctrine I’m seeking to overthrow- it’s this one.

Despite widespread acceptance of this- both religious and secular –

i’m here to tell you you’ve been sold a bunch of bullshit 😍


White Belt Podcaster

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Are you happy? Do you want to be happy? You don’t have to wait for something to happen or to get to a certain place in life before you have happiness.

Through three pillars, start unlocking the life that will make you happy.

Church… as an observer

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All or nothing – that’s one of the trademarks of my personality.

However, after being all over the board as pertains to church and religion – I believe I found the perfect approach to church…
As an observer.

As an observer I can simply enjoy the experience – I don’t have to agree theologically – I don’t have to sign up for anything I don’t want to – and most importantly,  I don’t have to agree to be “All In” with the obligatory 10% of my money #religiousfee . As an observer I can look for the similarities – and disregard the differences.

I found today’s church experience to be one of the most peaceful church experiences in my life – reminds me of when I used to go to church once a year – midnight mass at Christmas 🌲 –

It just felt good.

Start with the people – this place, the church at Rancho Bernardo has the nicest group of church people that I’ve ever come across – God obviously has a sense of humor – they make it almost impossible for me to find a reason not to come back.  Over-the-top nice as you get there – over-the-top nice in the children’s ministry – over-the-top nice at every corner – literally the nicest group of people I’ve ever seen at a church 😊

Then came the music – no million dollar production – just real worship. There’s clearly something about the vibrational harmony of worship music and people singing along that connects us with God… and this church does a GREAT job of facilitating this connection.

Then the message – I love this guy…  The quintessential hip young pastor. Skinny jeans, fabulous hair, and a great sense of humor.

Most importantly though – the guy was genuine – the real deal – he clearly is in the game for the right reason… he loves people.

Although my days of being involved in religion have passed – I still love the fact that I can come here and vibe with a great group of people – at the end of the day we’re all just looking for answers.

Thumbs up for this place – I’m probably the harshest critic on churches there is –(mostly because I’ve seen firsthand the brainwashing and control because alongside with big church business)  and this place? Literally absolutely not one negative word I can say – loved every minute of it ❤️

For ALL of us,  it’s impossible to be neutral with Jesus.  Believe or oppose- everybody takes up a side. What Jesus teaches and what he does is like no one before or since. He brilliantly articulates and diagnoses the human condition- something none of us can turn away from.

Today, the hipster pastor did a great job communicating this- without judgement. It’s refreshing beyond words to see someone teach about the actual Jesus- without a church agenda. 😎

At the end of the day, I hate suffering. Anyone that communicates hope in today’s world WITHOUT CONTROL and WITHOUT JUDGEMENT deserves two thumbs up from me… a recovering Christian. 👍🏽👍🏽

Kick Monday’s ASS!!

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