If You Had One Wish…

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    Happiness Pro-Tip of the Day

    Today’s Pro-Tip is coming to you in a question


    If a genie popped out of a lamp and granted you one wish, what would it be? (and it can’t be unlimited wishes)

    The bottom line comes down to this, no matter what your wish is…you are really wishing for happiness.

    This is because, underneath it all, we all want to feel good.


    We can choose the temporary escapes of life. The things in life that bring us temporary happiness, or we can choose to grown each day in life, progress and create a happiness that sticks.


    You have to be the driver of your life. You have to choose to feel good each day. You have to choose a happiness that sticks.

    I encourage you with this, choose to be happy right now because someday may never come.

    Do things now to increase your happiness!



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