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    OVER******* WHELMED in my life right now.
    happiness pro-tip…
     not just to tell you how amazing life is (I still 100% think it is), but instead what can you do when you are overwhelmed.
    There are a few things I want to point out about being overwhelmed.
    #1 is that YOU WILL BE OVERWHELMED in this life! Life will KNOCK YOU DOWN!
    I wrote down an entire list of the SHIT that has me spinning and what I realized is that this happens to ALL OF US. It is a part of the human condition.
    WELCOME TO LIFE. Things will STACK UP and TACKLE you when you least expect it. Life will do that to you…
    I can do a lot of things about it, but the 1 thing I never want to do is…BITCH about it.
    STOP bitching because it happens to everybody. Don’t be that person who goes around telling everybody about how life has got them down…
    Life WILL stack up and knock you down so, what are some practical tools you can do?
    #1 realize the you are NOT UNIQUE. It happens to EVERYBODY. Start here. You gotta realize where the pressure is coming from. It does not really matter what it is…
    Did the atmospheric pressure change? Gravity get stronger? World spin slower?
    Did anything else change except what has changed right here for you? NO…it hasn’t.
    Everything is right here (mind). In YOUR OWN UNIVERSE.
    It is the way that you process it.
    SO what do you do? EVERYHTING that is right here (mind), put it on a piece of paper. I write down all the SHIT that overwhelms me. Now I can touch it, hold it, taste it. That in itself slows down the overwhelm.
    But here is what I really do that makes all the difference in the world…
    I say okay what do I love about EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things.
    Another thing I will do is write what I am thankful for in every one of these things. Once I get everything onto paper I realize that most of it is just irritation.
    This is what I learned at a sealfit training, when things stack up,
    PRIOTITIZE what in most important and EXECUTE.
    ACTION kills fear better than anything.
    And if you CAN’T do anything about it…then you have to LET IT THE FUCK GO.
    Do whatever you gotta do to let that shit go.
    Usually, about an hour later I realize that these problems are high quality problems. I realize that my life is blessed.
    My kids are all healthy.
    I am not in jail.
    I almost feel dumb for letting things like this overwhelm me.
    The things that overwhelm you WILL PASS and they WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER.
    It is just life. Things are going to happen they are going to stack up.
    Get the thoughts out of your head and onto paper.
    PRIORITIZE and EXECUTE and keep fighting your way out of it. Whatever you do don’t go walk around BITCHING about it.
    That’s how you live the GOODLIFE

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