Before you disagree with anything I post – Ask yourself this… Did I ask you to follow me? 🌹 #PervasiveHappiness

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    Happiness Pro-Tipsssof the day

    Number 1 is this-Look for people in this world who you vibe with.

    Number 2-you will find people who don’t like you-who don’t vibe with you-F*CK what they think…spend zero time trying to change them

    Before you weigh in on any of my things-ask yourself this?

    Did I ask you to follow me?

    NO! I did not…

    If I want your opinion I will ask for it

    Same goes for you

    People who you want their opinion in life…you will ask for it.

    But people who you don’t…there needs to be a steel door shutting them out.

    The world is filled with pessimists.

    This is my message.

    Life is good.

    If you don’t vibe with that…that is great…I’m not here to argue with the pessimists of the world…you can’t win that battle.

    Find people in this world who you vibe with

    The other ones who don’t like you, forget what they think

    That’s how you live the Goodlife.

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