Suicide … 3 words that saved me

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    Not much of a Happiness Pro-Tip today-

    But I have 3 words of encouragement that I would like to share


    They come from a conversation that I had the other day that haunted me a little bit-

    A guy was telling me that he was, “at the end of his rope.”

    I asked him, “if he was suicidal.”

    He kind of snapped out of it and said, “oh no, that would never be an option.”


    I remember thinking, “it is an option.”

    People do take that option sometimes

    I just assume that everybody has thought about this option at least once in their life…maybe not

    I can remember about 10 different times where I had so much stacked up that I just wanted to check out…


    3 words always come to my mind


    Whatever it is, “IT WILL PASS.”


    These words were came to me out of nowhere when I was standing on the Hoover Dam…I threw a battery and watched it as it bounced down…thinking all this crap I am going through can be over…it was a serious thought


    Then I thought…you know what..someday… it will pass…these 3 words allowed me to punt it forward


    Suicide is not my favorite topic…I’m the happy guy…but I have had enough people around me take their lives


    We will all be knocked down by life…but you just have to hang in will pass


    These 3 words were enough to keep me going.


    Reach out to me…or another human being…


    That is what we are here for to help each other through life



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