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    Don’t watch this if your prone to getting triggered – just go to your safe space 🌹

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    Happiness Pro-Tip

    It has taken me a life time – But I have discovered the biggest obstacle to happiness of our species-


    Anytime I think my people are better than someone else because of what group I am a part of, that is pure cancer to our world

    It destroys happiness

    Here’s how I will put it most clearly-


    If you somehow think that makes you better than anybody else…

    Or that your group is better than another group…


    You know what while we are at it…


    If you think that your god and your tribe is better than another….and anybody who believes something else is wrong or going to hell…then you are a cancer

    I am not saying do not believe in religion

    I am saying as soon as you have a self-righteous attitude that your tribe is good and their tribe is bad…you are the cancer and the problem with humanity

    And you know what…


    If you think your skin color or country is somehow better. I feel sorry for you

    Hopefully at least one of you self-righteous cancerous people will realize that your self-righteous is not real. It is in your mind and it is cancerous

    Think what you want. Believe what you want but at the end of the day you are no better than me and I am no better than you.

    Self-righteousness…fight against it because it is the number one killer of happiness



    Some of us DESPERATELY need to hear these 4 words

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    Happiness Pro-tip


    Some of you really need to hear this-

    This is how you make social media more positive for yourself and everybody else

    These 4 words will change your life


    As your scrolling through social media you see stuff you like…you may comment something encouraging


    And then you come across something you don’t like or agree with-


    This is what I want you to do


    You really need to get this…


    You see something you don’t like or agree with…


    Here are 4 simple words…




    That’s it

    It’s so simple


    I get it

    I get sucked in sometimes to

    I say things I shouldn’t

    And I know I am messing up


    I have realized that some of you think that it is your God given gift to let the people of the world know what is wrong with what they post


    I don’t know if this has dawned on you…if you don’t like what you see on social media…just SHUT THE F*CK UP…keep on scrolling


    You can relate this to life in general


    My mom used to tell me when I was a kid, “If you don’t have anything nice to say don’t say it at all.”


    What she was really saying was if you do this then your life will be better…you will never be happy telling someone that what they are doing is wrong


    If you want to have a happier life then learn to just let the world be the world. Focus on you and living a better life for yourself


    That’s how you live the Goodlife



    Nothing will increase your happiness more than trying to follow these two simple words 🌹

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    Happiness Pro-tip


    Two words for you

    Do you want to increase your happiness?



    It is not my default setting…It does not come natural to me

    I just learned the hard way-when you’re a jerk it doesn’t feel good

    The opposite must be true

    If you go out of your way to be nice to people it just feels good


    Hold onto your hat’s folks

    This is not Tommy’s natural default setting

    Being kind makes your life better and others lives better

    Two words its super simple

    I know it’s not natural for everyone

    I can’t think of anything else that increases my happiness as much as being kind

    Wake up and go out of your way to be kind


    And that’s how you live the Goodlife

    Suicide … 3 words that saved me

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    Not much of a Happiness Pro-Tip today-

    But I have 3 words of encouragement that I would like to share


    They come from a conversation that I had the other day that haunted me a little bit-

    A guy was telling me that he was, “at the end of his rope.”

    I asked him, “if he was suicidal.”

    He kind of snapped out of it and said, “oh no, that would never be an option.”


    I remember thinking, “it is an option.”

    People do take that option sometimes

    I just assume that everybody has thought about this option at least once in their life…maybe not

    I can remember about 10 different times where I had so much stacked up that I just wanted to check out…


    3 words always come to my mind


    Whatever it is, “IT WILL PASS.”


    These words were came to me out of nowhere when I was standing on the Hoover Dam…I threw a battery and watched it as it bounced down…thinking all this crap I am going through can be over…it was a serious thought


    Then I thought…you know what..someday… it will pass…these 3 words allowed me to punt it forward


    Suicide is not my favorite topic…I’m the happy guy…but I have had enough people around me take their lives


    We will all be knocked down by life…but you just have to hang in will pass


    These 3 words were enough to keep me going.


    Reach out to me…or another human being…


    That is what we are here for to help each other through life



    Before you disagree with anything I post – Ask yourself this… Did I ask you to follow me? 🌹 #PervasiveHappiness

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    Happiness Pro-Tipsssof the day

    Number 1 is this-Look for people in this world who you vibe with.

    Number 2-you will find people who don’t like you-who don’t vibe with you-F*CK what they think…spend zero time trying to change them

    Before you weigh in on any of my things-ask yourself this?

    Did I ask you to follow me?

    NO! I did not…

    If I want your opinion I will ask for it

    Same goes for you

    People who you want their opinion in life…you will ask for it.

    But people who you don’t…there needs to be a steel door shutting them out.

    The world is filled with pessimists.

    This is my message.

    Life is good.

    If you don’t vibe with that…that is great…I’m not here to argue with the pessimists of the world…you can’t win that battle.

    Find people in this world who you vibe with

    The other ones who don’t like you, forget what they think

    That’s how you live the Goodlife.

    Bible Says Do it…But I Can’t….(and neither can you)

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    Happiness Pro-Tip

    In the Bible it says, to be angry but do not sin.

    I have a problem with that because, I don’t think it’s possible for me, or for any of us to do that…(maybe for Jesus that’s possible)

    This is how that breaks down for Tommy…when I am angry…the LAST THING I AM THINKING ABOUT IS NOT SINNING!

    I think some of the stuff Jesus told us to do, He said with a little smirk on His face because, He knew that we would not be able to do it.

    Anger is the #1 ENEMY of HAPPINESS!

    Happiness and Anger CANNOT coexist in the same mind!

    Here’s the kicker…It doesn’t matter if you are right or wrong.

    Of course, we are going to get angry. But you make the decision to keep it and grow it or get rid of it.

    Get that CRAP OUT OF YOUR HEART…even if you’re right.

    Anger is poison plain and simple

    If you want to have a happy life, you have to find a way to get it out of your heart.

    If you want to live a GOOD LIFE, if you want to be HAPPY, make anger your #1 ENEMY!

    That’s how you live the Goodlife.









    Rock Bottom…Vegas

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    Happiness Pro-Tip

    Coming to you from fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada, Living

    Desert Apartments #17 (where I used to live back in the day).


    Before the time I was 23 years old-

    I had been arrested 19 times

    11 times in Las Vegas

    3 times from this very apartment

    2 times they knocked

    1 time they just kicked the door down

    I am in town for the Conor McGregor fight, but I come back and visit these apartments every single time I am in town.

    I guess I am lucky… not everybody gets a second chance.

    I never want to forget the lessons that rock bottom taught me.

    My encouragement is this, if you’re in a rock bottom time in your life I thoroughly

    believe this-


    Take those lessons to really crystalize where you don’t want to be in life and use

    that to grow.

    Have a great week and remember do not regret the past, do not wish to shut the

    door on it, go back and visit, smile and keep growing

    And THAT is how you live the Goodlife.



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    OVER******* WHELMED in my life right now.
    happiness pro-tip…
     not just to tell you how amazing life is (I still 100% think it is), but instead what can you do when you are overwhelmed.
    There are a few things I want to point out about being overwhelmed.
    #1 is that YOU WILL BE OVERWHELMED in this life! Life will KNOCK YOU DOWN!
    I wrote down an entire list of the SHIT that has me spinning and what I realized is that this happens to ALL OF US. It is a part of the human condition.
    WELCOME TO LIFE. Things will STACK UP and TACKLE you when you least expect it. Life will do that to you…
    I can do a lot of things about it, but the 1 thing I never want to do is…BITCH about it.
    STOP bitching because it happens to everybody. Don’t be that person who goes around telling everybody about how life has got them down…
    Life WILL stack up and knock you down so, what are some practical tools you can do?
    #1 realize the you are NOT UNIQUE. It happens to EVERYBODY. Start here. You gotta realize where the pressure is coming from. It does not really matter what it is…
    Did the atmospheric pressure change? Gravity get stronger? World spin slower?
    Did anything else change except what has changed right here for you? NO…it hasn’t.
    Everything is right here (mind). In YOUR OWN UNIVERSE.
    It is the way that you process it.
    SO what do you do? EVERYHTING that is right here (mind), put it on a piece of paper. I write down all the SHIT that overwhelms me. Now I can touch it, hold it, taste it. That in itself slows down the overwhelm.
    But here is what I really do that makes all the difference in the world…
    I say okay what do I love about EVERY SINGLE ONE of these things.
    Another thing I will do is write what I am thankful for in every one of these things. Once I get everything onto paper I realize that most of it is just irritation.
    This is what I learned at a sealfit training, when things stack up,
    PRIOTITIZE what in most important and EXECUTE.
    ACTION kills fear better than anything.
    And if you CAN’T do anything about it…then you have to LET IT THE FUCK GO.
    Do whatever you gotta do to let that shit go.
    Usually, about an hour later I realize that these problems are high quality problems. I realize that my life is blessed.
    My kids are all healthy.
    I am not in jail.
    I almost feel dumb for letting things like this overwhelm me.
    The things that overwhelm you WILL PASS and they WILL MAKE YOU STRONGER.
    It is just life. Things are going to happen they are going to stack up.
    Get the thoughts out of your head and onto paper.
    PRIORITIZE and EXECUTE and keep fighting your way out of it. Whatever you do don’t go walk around BITCHING about it.
    That’s how you live the GOODLIFE

    Quantum Jump to Happiness?

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    Happiness Pro Tip of the day

    Stop looking for the quick fix. The media and everyone tries to tell you, “do this,” or, “do that,” and you will be happy…

    That’s not how happiness works

    There’s no quantum jump into happiness. It’s the little decisions that you make each day that compound. If you work out for one day are you going to see results? Probably not. But if you work out every single day and you stick to it you will see results.

    Don’t look for the quantum jump…get out there and do the little things each day that make you happy!


    If You Had One Wish…

    150 150 tommy

    Happiness Pro-Tip of the Day

    Today’s Pro-Tip is coming to you in a question


    If a genie popped out of a lamp and granted you one wish, what would it be? (and it can’t be unlimited wishes)

    The bottom line comes down to this, no matter what your wish is…you are really wishing for happiness.

    This is because, underneath it all, we all want to feel good.


    We can choose the temporary escapes of life. The things in life that bring us temporary happiness, or we can choose to grown each day in life, progress and create a happiness that sticks.


    You have to be the driver of your life. You have to choose to feel good each day. You have to choose a happiness that sticks.

    I encourage you with this, choose to be happy right now because someday may never come.

    Do things now to increase your happiness!



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